SUBR objects to trade unions’ illegitimate actions

31 March 2008 (09:05)

Three trade unions of Severouralsk Bauxite Mine (aka SUBR) – Russia’s Ore and Mining Trade Union, the regional division of Independent Trade Union of Ural Miners, and Severouralsk division of Trade Union of Ural Miners – objected to the illegitimate actions of some members of SUBR United Independent Trade Union of Russian Miners and asked the company’s management to deal with the problem, the spokesperson for United Company RUSAL said to UrBC.

The three trade unions’ position was backed up by Sverdlovsk Region administration; the latter filed a complaint with the regional prosecution authorities, asking them to look into the legitimacy of the miners’ actions (these refused to leave the mine after the end of the working day).

The whole incident started when 107 people refused to go up the ground after their shift was over at Krasnaya Shapochka mine (part of Severouralsk Bauxite Mine). These miners are still under the ground.

An ad hoc committee was set up to investigate the causes of the incident and to settle the conflict. SUBR management has sent doctors and the management’s representatives down the mine. At the same time, the enterprise keeps working as usual.

The company uses a two-year Collective Agreement signed by the management and the workers, and this agreement is fully functioning. The illegal strike is a violation of the existing agreement, of the internal rules of the company, and of the safety and labor protection regulations.

UC RUSAL’s spokesperson for the Urals Roman Lukichev says the company’s top executives are doing their best to have the miners leave the mine.

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