Mechel-Bank sets up new office in Yekaterinburg

Mechel-Bank introduced its new office (known as Sverdlovsk Department) at 14 Sverdlov St. in Yekaterinburg on July 30, 2008.

The opening ceremony was attended by President and BOD member of Ural Financial Holding (which Mechel-Bank is a part of) Vladimir Shulgin, Mechel-Bank’s Chair of the Supervisory Board Elena Nesterova, Mechel-Bank’s Yekaterinburg branch CEO Evgeniy Esselevitch, head of Sverdlovsk Department Elena Albycheva, and the new office’s first customers.

Sverdlovsk Department is going to render a full range of services to both businesses and private customers, including the renting of depositaries. Prior to the introduction of the new office, the latter service used to be available only in the bank’s office at 53 Kraul St.

Mechel Bank runs 45 subdivisions (including seven subsidiaries, twenty-nine additional offices, six credit and cash terminals, and two cash departments) altogether, five of which are located in Yekaterinburg. Besides, there are six offices in other parts of Sverdlovsk Region: Kamensk-Uralskiy, Irbit, Lesnoy, Berezovskiy, Pervouralsk, and Artemovskiy.

The introduction of the new office is part of the bank’s Dynamic Summer strategy: the company is using the summertime to get ready for the new business season through setting up more ATMs and depositaries and by launching more new products.

In addition to the new office, Mechel Bank is planning to set up five more outlets and eleven ATMs in Yekaterinburg before the end of the year.

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