Renova’s technologies stimulate building market’s development

The building and energy-saving technologies that large developers (like RenovaStroyGroup, for instance) employ are going to benefit the smaller builders’ technological development as well, which, in its turn, is likely to stimulate the building market’s growth in general, Sverdlovsk Region’s Deputy Minister for Construction Alexei Krupkin said in the course of a press conference.

RenovaStroyGroup’s Academic construction project is the largest building project implemented in Yekaterinburg at the moment.

The press conference was devoted to the practical application of the federal bill on the latest changes in the town planning code. The bill provides for the introduction of self-regulatory organizations that would deal in engineering surveys, design, architecture, construction, reconstruction, and building overhauls. This means the licensing of building companies will no longer be necessary, while a lot of other legal norms will emerge in the field.

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