Soaring jet fuel prices make Crete, Italy, and Spain less popular, Inna Tour says

29 July 2008 (08:22)

‘In August, most travelers head for Turkey and Egypt: you don’t need to worry about your visa when going there, you can use U.S. dollars in both countries, and there are plenty of all-inclusive hotels there. Rhodes is one new destination that has been introduced this year, but since only very few people actually booked their vacations there, the flights were cancelled. In the meantime, soaring jet fuel prices have led to trips to Crete, Italy, and Spain becoming more expensive, which is why these holiday destinations became less popular with customers. In addition, three Turkey-bound flights operated by Fond Mira, Orange Tour, and More Travel were cancelled at the beginning of June due to the poor passenger load. Some 1,000 people were involved in the incident altogether,’ says Inna Tour Travel Agency’s director Inna Averyanova

‘All in all, quite a few tour operators don’t think this is a very successful season and see the dramatic increase in jet fuel prices as the major reason for this. There are plenty of companies out there that don’t make any profit to speak of or even sustain losses. This is a global trend, in fact, as twenty-five international tour operators have already gone bust this summer,’ she observes.

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