Inna Tour says Ural travelers love going to Egypt

27 November 2007 (09:15)

'Since the weather is usually so cold in the Urals, going to the seaside is one of the most popular ways of spending one’s vacation here. In the summer, people mainly go to Turkey, and in the winter, most of them head for Egypt. Egypt is popular because of four reasons: firstly, it’s quite an affordable place to go to, especially in November and December (that is, the months of last-minute travel). You can stay at a five-star hotel for a week, and it will only cost you 10,000 RUR,’ says Director of Inna Tour Travel Agency Inna Averyanova.

'Secondly, Egypt is a country where you can use dollars. Thirdly, you don’t need a visa to go there. And finally, tourists are enticed by the beauty of the Red Sea. Since the standards of living leave somewhat to be desired, we usually suggest that our customers stay at four- or five-star hotels that can boast both nice service and good food. Travelers have also grown more knowledgeable and prefer to have three meals a day and drinks all covered by their hotel voucher,’ she notes.

Ms Averyanova believes tours to Egypt are going to become pricier for the New Year and Christmas breaks as usual.

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