Polygon’s dump jeopardizes flights in Koltsovo airport

Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecutor for transport issues placed a claim against Polygon’s management with Beloyarskiy district’s court. The official insists on banning the storage of food waste within less than fifteen kilometers of Koltsovo airport and Uktus airport.

Polygon’s present dump is located within only 6.5 kilometers of Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg; the land allotment has been provided by the regional Ministry for Federal Property Management. The proximity of the food waste dump threatens the safety of flights operated from the Koltsovo and Uktus, as hundreds of birds fly to and from the dump every day. Besides, the location of the dump was not coordinated with or approved of by Koltsovo airport’s management

A similar suit was initiated by the region’s prosecutor for transport issues against the town council of Aramil and the local municipal enterprise dealing in industrial processing of urban ore and consumption waste in March 2008. The case was then sustained by the court, so now waste is being dumped in the location now.

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