URSA Bank sets up 1001st terminal

URSA Bank set up its 1001st terminal in one of Respect shoe stores in Novosibirsk. The terminal can process Gold Crown, MasterCard, and Visa cards.

The bank already runs terminals in forty-six Russian cities where they can be found in cafes and restaurants, clinics and hospitals, stores and shopping malls, at filling stations and mobile operators’ offices. Some companies offer their card-using customers a 1% to 10% discount.

‘Non-cash payments are globally recognized as the most civilized and secure way of paying for goods and services. The increase in the number of plastic card users largely depends on the card-servicing infrastructure development, and we expect to raise the number of terminals we run by 1.5 times before the end of the year. So, we improve on the people’s non-cash-paying culture through expanding our acquiring network,’ says URSA Bank’s Processing Director Ruslan Usmanov.

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