URSA Bank issues 76% more cards in 2008

13 March 2009 (09:29)

The total volume of bank cards issued by URSA Bank in 2008 rose by 76% in comparison with a year earlier and amounted to over 1.9 million items. These figures include 695,263 international Visa and MasterCard ones (whose total amount thus comes to 1,110,734 cards); in fact, URSA Bank’s acquiring turnover reached $1.9bn last year.

In addition to this, the bank issued 134,528 Zolotaya Korona cards in 2008, so the total amount of these now comes to 809,218 units. The acquiring turnover involving this type of cards reached $837m.

Apart from ongoing cards launch, URSA Bank kept improving on the bank cards infrastructure through setting up 116 new ATMs (including 154 cash-in ones) and over 500 POS terminals accepting VISA, MasterCard, and Zolotaya Korona cards. What is more, the number of salary-through-bank-card contracts signed by URSA Bank with more than 3,500 enterprises last year had increased by 30% by January 1, 2009.

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