Aston has to decrease apartment prices

26 June 2008 (09:42)

Aston, the local developer, announced via its official website that the price of a one-room apartment in Aston Plaza located at 61 Radischev St. in Yekaterinburg had dropped from 4.554 million RUR to 3.9 million RUR.

This decrease in price is reported to be a ‘special offer’, but the low demand for Aston Plaza’s apartments might also be the reason for this.

Aston’s Chairman Vyacheslav Trapeznikov said in the course of a TV interview in May 2008 that only a third of all apartments had been sold at that moment, while the building itself was to be commissioned in the last quarter of 2008.

Experts observe the apparently low demand for these dwellings can be explained, among other factors, by the fact that the apartment building borders with Ivanovskoye cemetery; besides, no good driveways or enough parking lots are provided. Apart from that, Aston has recently got involved in a number of legal suits: some claims have been laid by the nearby buildings’ dwellers whose apartments were deprived of sunshine by the high-rise building; then, Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities insist on freezing the construction process.

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