Aston Group’s Aston Plaza deprives neighboring building of sunshine

22 May 2008 (09:11)

Aston Group appears to have failed to design its Yekaterinburg-based Aston Plaza in such a way that provides enough sunshine to the neighboring apartment buildings.

Aston’s Chairman Vyacheslav Trapeznikov announced in the course of a TV interview that, according to the technical requirements, any one room in any building must get at least two hours of sunshine a day. However, he claimed that the buildings next to Aston Plaza only got one and a half hours of sunshine even prior to the beginning of the construction process. The Chairman did admit, though, that their building has deprived its neighbors of any light altogether.

‘It’s true that we’ve blocked their last thirty minutes of sunshine, and the legal proceedings to this extent have been going on for a year now. We have already asked a number of experts for a list of possible compensatory measures like lanterns, lights, lamps, or any other devices,’ he said.

Tellingly, Aston only started trying to do something about the problem a very short while ago, which means that these dangers were not accounted for by the developer in the first place, that is, at the design and development stage.
In the meantime, Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities insist on freezing the illegal construction process, reacting to the dwellers’ numerous complaints.

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