MMK sets up dross processing shop

14 May 2008 (09:21)

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works’ ore mining and processing facilities have been fitted with a new shop meant for processing of metallurgical dross.

According to MMK’s PR Department, the new shop was set up in order to recycle the metallurgical waste products and thus implement the enterprise’s medium-term investment program. The shop is located at a former waste deposit in Mount Magnitnaya’s mine. The hot dumps themselves are going to become a part of the new facility.

This metallurgical waste is one of MMK’s strategically important objects. The plant’s dross processing shop fully recycles all the current waste that the enterprise produces and handles over 200,000 tons of waste from the second- and third-priority dumps (located along the banks of the River Ural) a month. In addition, the shop deals in extracting the magnetic components of the dross, while the non-magnetic components are used to make up to 80,000 tons of broken slag a month. Then, some 35,000 tons of metallic cuts are directed to the company’s agglomeration shop, blast-furnace practice shop, and steel-making facilities.

MMK’s investment project on waste recycling in Mount Magnitnaya’s mine provides for the construction of a new facility meant for processing of 1 million tons of dross a year. The facility will probably have been finished by the end of the year. Before the unit has been launched, the plant’s workers can only recycle 80,000 to 85,000 tons of dross a year.

The delivery and installation supervision will be carried out by AMCOM LLC.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works is trying to develop its own raw materials sources through a gradual strategy consisting, among other things, in recycling more ferriferous production waste. The plant’s local iron ore deposits like Maliy Kuibas, Podotvalnoye, and Bakalskoye will cover over 20% of the enterprise’s iron ore needs in 2008. MMK has already got enough iron ore materials through its long-term contracts.

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