Vitaliy Samsonov appointed UC RUSAL’s Control Director

9 June 2008 (07:43)

United Company RUSAL reports Vitaliy Samsonov has been appointed the company’s Control Director. He is going to be responsible for the development of an effective inner control system and risk management. The company’s former Control Director Alina Gutkina has been appointed RUSAL’s Internal Audit Director and is going to report to the Board of Directors in terms of independent assessment of the company’s internal control system.

These new appointments are in full compliance with the international standards and have been brought about by the need to separate RUSAL’s internal control functions, risk management, and internal audit procedures. The separation is targeted at creating a developed corporate management system that could enhance the company’s investment attractiveness.

‘Such a structure is built upon the world’s best companies’ examples and is expected to increase our transparency and manageability. The performance of the internal audit department is coordinated by the BOD audit committee,’ UC RUSAL’s press officer reports.

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