Sergey Bubnov appointed President of RUSAL America

Former director of Ferromin Ltd’s trade representation in Moscow Sergey Bubnov was appointed President of RUSAL America and will now report to RUSAL America’s Board of Directors. Richard Kellner was appointed the company’s CEO and is now in charge of financial accounting and internal control. Mark Bodner was appointed Sales Director and will now handle sales, marketing strategies, and customer service. Both Mr. Kellner and Mr. Bodner are to report to Mr. Bubnov. In the meantime, former President of RUSAL America Bruce Markowitz is leaving office.

‘North America is a very important region for United Company RUSAL, so we are planning on taking every chance to develop our business in the U.S. through offering our customers a wide range of products, including high-value-added production that meets the customers’ demands. We are grateful to our American customers for their ongoing support,’ says Vladimir Kremer.

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