Koltsovo airport removes data on repurchase of shares

6 June 2008 (10:15)

The data regarding the final stage of repurchasing Koltsovo airport’s shares was made available via the airport’s official website on June 4, 2008 and removed from the newswire the next day. The airport initially announced that they were willing to buy the shares from the stockholders according to their actual value. At the moment, the airport’s stock is owned by Koltsovo-Invest (RENOVA Group), with its 45.26% shareholding, Rosimuschestvo, with its 34.56% shareholding, and Cyprus-based Fulgate Consultants Limited with its 6.6% shareholding.

The official purchaser of shares is Rusaviaholding, a company close to RENOVA Group. The ordinary and preference shares are expected to be bought for 1,000 RUR and 1,500 RUR, respectively.

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