Private Banking conference held in Yekaterinburg

29 May 2008 (09:15)

Yekaterinburg is currently hosting the 3d All-Russian Private Banking/Russia 2008 conference.

‘We hope that the conference will give a chance to all the participants to get the answers to their questions and to find solutions to all the problems that hinder private banking development in this country at the moment,’ Chair of Ural Banking Union Valentina Muranova said at the opening ceremony.

The conference began with reports made by the Russian Academy of Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation’s leading expert Alexei Gusev, Estonia-based Sampo Bank’s Senior Investment Manager Alexei Gavrikov, the Swiss Corporate Alliance AG’s chief consultant Irina Vinogradova, and Central Asian Economic Forum’s General Director Anton Levakhin. These experts spoke on opportunities of VIP customer service through effective sales on local private banking market, the inner aspects of private banking, the political issues related to using Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s banking facilities for asset protection and cross-border tax planning, and the world’s leading bank’s complex set products, respectively.

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