Shuffling Uralfinprombank’s shares might mean taking money out of business, Finam says

23 April 2008 (08:17)

‘The reasons for recent changes in the shares Uralfinprombank’s stockholders have in the bank’s authorized capital may vary. On the one hand, the bank proprietor might have decided to take a part of the money out of business to employ it elsewhere. On the other hand, this shuffling may have to do with some earlier agreements with the bank’s top executives: they might, for example, have a buying option and be thus encouraged to promote the business further,’ analyst of Finam Investment Bank Vladimir Sergievskiy said to UrBC.

Anatoliy Pavlov decreased his share in Uralfinprombank’s authorized capital from 23.29% to 6.45%. BOD member Olga Pavlova decreased hers from 9.4% to 7.32%; at the same time, BOD member Valeriy Metelskiy increased his share from 5.85% to 14.88% and BOD member Anatoly Shanaurin increased his from 8.85% to 13.85%.

‘All this probably has to do with the fact that Anatoly Pavlov is about to start working on some new project,’ Vladimir Sergievskiy observed.

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