Chelyabinsk Region to spend 1.62 million on Internet schools

21 April 2008 (09:03)

1.62 million RUR will be allocated from Chelyabinsk Region’s budget to set up Internet schools in the area. All of the region’s schools were provided with the Internet connection in July 2007, and these e-schools are going to become the next stage of the project that provides for virtual chemistry, physics, and biology labs and simulators that can assist the students in exam-taking. In addition, online lessons on all the topics a high school student is supposed to master within any given subject are provided. The study materials have been developed by the traditional textbook authors in compliance with the federal standards. On average, every city and district is to receive 60,000 RUR to set up these schools.

This distance learning is targeted at supporting children with disabilities that can’t attend classes on a daily basis and keep up with their peers. Besides, online courses in certain subjects will probably interest students who take advanced level courses in them. Finally, the schoolchildren will have access to courses offered by the country’s best university professors.

The spokesperson for the Governor reports that over 2,000 students are currently attending the online courses.

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