Koltsovo airport disputes Federal Antimonopoly Service’s decision

18 April 2008 (09:05)

Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg disputed the decision taken by Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service: the latter claims the airport is guilty of violating the competition protection laws.

The Service declared on December 4, 2007 that Koltsovo airport, RusAviaJet, and Aviaprad could be charged with a secret collusion: the three companies made an agreement related to storage of petroleum products; as a result, jet fuel prices were strikingly different for Aviaprad and other carriers, despite the fact that it was one the same jet fuel all along. Aviaprad was thus unlawfully favored, so the companies were ordered to cancel all of their offending agreements.

Having looked into the case, the antimonopoly agency demanded that no agreements be renewed and insisted on the airport paying a 13,041,093-ruble fine.

Koltsovo airport intends to appeal the case in Sverdlovsk Region Court of Arbitration on April 23, 2008.

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