Court of Arbitration supports Federal Antimonopoly Service’s decision regarding Koltsovo airport

24 May 2007 (12:46)

Regional Court of Arbitration rejected the claims laid by Koltsovo airport and declared the decision taken by Federal Antimonopoly Service was legitimate. The whole issue began with Ural Airlines complaining that the airport had been refusing them slots needed for Yekaterinburg-Moscow flights (departure 8.15 AM and 6.40 PM ), Moscow-Yekaterinburg (departure 10.20 AM and 10 PM) as well as the so-called historic slots (summertime flights) which had been offered to Aviaprad instead.

In December 2006, Sverdlovsk Region Federal Antimonopoly Service declared the airport violated the completion protection law by refusing the slots to Ural Airlines with no good reason for doing so. The airport was ordered to restore the slots. The Service also stated that both the airport and Aviaprad signed an agreement that illegally limited the competition on the air carriers’ market, so this had to be cancelled.

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