MSA a.s. launches new vane valves

14 April 2008 (09:13)

MSA a.s., one of the Czech Republic’s leading pipeline fittings manufacturers and part of ChTPZ Group, launched the production of new vane valves for trunk pipelines, the spokesperson for ChTPZ Group reports.

The new valves (DN500-700, PN1.6-4.0 MPa varieties designed in accordance with technical conditions 29.13-МSА-120/06-А) are based on DN500-1000, PN8.0-10 MPa standard size valves that have been thoroughly tested for durability and seismic resistance and comply with the strictest technical standards employed at Transneft.

These valves are unique in that they have an air-gas channel surface that minimizes hydraulic friction, a seat that provides complete impermeability in case of pressure drops, a drainage pipe, and special pipe junctions made of highly durable material that help to make a weld seam connecting the pipelines evenly strong.

The spokesperson for ChTPZ Group says these new DN500-700, PN1.6-4.0 MPa valves can be used as locking devices at trunk pipelines and for fittings of oil pumping stations and tank farms (up to DN 1200 and PN15.0 MPa), including pipelines located in areas with up to 10-point seismic activity (based on MSK-64 scale).

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