Sberbank’s Ural branch to get new headquarters in one year

28 March 2008 (09:19)

Sberbank of Russia’s Ural branch is currently investing in the construction of a new head office. The seventeen-storey building is to be located in the heart of the city, at the intersection of Kuibyshev St, Rosa Luxemburg St, and Gogol St. The whole project requires over 2 billion RUR worth of investments, and the bank is able to finance it independently. At the moment, the sixth storey is about to be completed.

The developers are employing today’s most advanced building technologies in the construction process. The site has some complicated hydrogeological conditions, so the builders had to combine bored piles with base plates and use the newest damp-proofing materials, which was meant to make the structure extremely durable and long-lasting.

The bank’s future office will be fitted with all the modern advancements like computer network and communications security systems, the newest fire alarm and fire-fighting installations, and modern heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. All this is believed to make both the customers and the bank’s employees comfortable and safe.

The new office is expected to start operating in one year’s time.

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