Sberbank’s Ural branch sets up 3 new safety vaults in summer

31 July 2008 (10:28)

Sberbank of Russia’s Ural branch set up three new safety vaults in June and July 2008. One of them is located in Yekaterinburg, the other two can be found in Ufa, so the bank currently offers its customers eighty safety vaults in forty-two cities in the Urals altogether.

These safety vaults enjoy good demand, particularly during the summer vacation season. Sberbank can rent a safe to both private customers and legal entities, with tariffs depending on the duration of the renting period and the size of the safety vault. Conveniently, there is no upper or lower limit for the renting period, so a customer can use a safe even for one day if they like.

These vaults’ main advantage lies in their total reliability and strict confidentiality. The vaults are provided with all the modern security systems that make sure no unauthorized use of the vault is possible. In addition, Sberbank’s vaults are suitable for keeping any kinds of valuables like money, documents, jewelry, and even objects of art.

The new safety vaults can be found at:

14 Korolev St. Ufa;

11 Gagarin St. Ufa;

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