UC RUSAL wins National Prize

25 March 2008 (08:34)

United Company RUSAL’s engineering and construction division won the National Engineering and Project Management Prize known as EPCM Award 2007. The prize was given to the company in recognition of its achievements in the field of large investment projects implementation. The awarding ceremony was part of a special conference on investment project management, UC RUSAL’s spokesperson said to UrBC.

RUSAL’s engineering and construction division was set up in 2005 to implement some construction and upgrading projects. Putting up an aluminum plant in Khakasia was one of the division’s first completed tasks. Today, the division operates successfully in six different countries and employs 27,500 people. The enterprise consists of design offices, an engineering and technological center, and an engineering and construction unit. Last year, the division used over $3bn to do a number of construction and upgrading projects; for instance, the company launched the additional premises of Irkutsk Aluminum Plant, upgraded Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant, began putting up Taishet and Boguchasnk Aluminum Plants, and constructed a hospital and a sports and health facility in Sayanogorsk; the division’s other project involve power engineering and housing construction.

RUSAL’s engineering and construction division is unique in that all the projects are based on a well-developed methodology, and the division handles all the stages of a project independently, which cuts down on expenses and makes it possible to use the company’s earlier experience in new projects. The division cooperates with AREVA (the electrical machinery producer), Henkon (the processing equipment manufacturer), NKM Noel (the pot tending assembly maker), Storvik (the cathode cover maker), ALSTOM, and Lefebvre.

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