Ural Airlines improves ticket delivery

Ural Airlines improved on its ticket delivery service by starting to deliver them daily, from 9 AM to 11 PM. If you book between 9 AM and 6 PM, your tickets will be delivered on the same day; if you book later than 6 PM, you can get the ticket the next day or any other day you like, the carrier’s press officer reports.

The cost of the delivery comes to 150 RUR, regardless of how many tickets you book and what flights these tickets are for. You can pay either in cash or by credit card. Tickets can be booked at http://www.uralairlines.ru/sirenabooking, delivery can be ordered at http://www.uralairlines.ru/info/services/ticket_off, and more information about the service is available at the company’s official website (www.uralairlines.com) or at the Information Center (tel. +7 (343) 345-36-45 or toll-free number 8-800-2000-262).

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