Over 2,000 people book Ural Airline tickets online every month

2 February 2007 (15:00)

The carrier’s first online booking office was set up at the website of Ural Airlines early in February 2006. The company’s experts have been upgrading the service taking into account the wishes of the most frequent users, so the online ticket sales have come to 5% of the total amount of tickets sold in Yekaterinburg over one year. Over 2,000 people book tickets online every month.

Moreover, online booking (well-known to the Russian-speaking customers) is now available through the company’s English and German websites that provide information on the timetable, flight options, pricing policies, and delivery by post or mail and messenger service. One can use VISA or MasterCard to pay for the ticket; the price and the time of delivery are unique to each particular order; the ticket can also be received in one of the carrier’s European representations.

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