SKB-Bank uses new ad characters this year, Chairman reports

24 March 2008 (09:13)

‘We’ve come up with a new advertising framework this year, so we are going to use some new characters in our ads now,’ says SKB-Bank’s Chairman Vladimir Pukhov.

‘We are through with the old ladies we used to have in our commercials, however sad it makes us feel. The bank’s new ad strategy will rely on the Soviet-style posters,’ he notes.

‘This new campaign’s logic is quite simple: not all things were bad during the Soviet times, there were some positive moments, too, and there are plenty of people who have some sort of nostalgia for those days. Besides, some seemingly bygone elements of the Soviet life like planned economy, the pioneer movement, and honor rolls are now back again. This is why we’d like to bring the good memories of those days alive for the people. We are also trying to revive the cheerfulness, the positive influence, and the leadership images traditionally associated with the Soviet-time posters. Like in those times, we are doing our business in a very cheerful and positive way,’ Mr. Pukhov reports.

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