RusRating gives SKB-Bank B+ in 2006, says bank’s Chairman Vladimir Pukhov

22 February 2007 (08:12)

‘SKB-Bank received the national solvency rating last year when RusRating gave us a B+. Besides, we were rated B2 by Moody’s in the fourth quarter of 2006,’ says SKB-Bank’s Chairman Vladimir Pukhov.

‘This is a very impressive level for a bank to achieve, and it is a sign of the business developing quite stably. Having these ratings, our bank can now hope for more favorable interest rates when borrowing on the open market. We are ready to go for a bonded debt issue, and we expect to float a 1-billion RUR loan in the first half of 2007,’ Mr. Pukhov said.

‘According to the rating presented by Interfax for nine months of 2006, SKB-Bank was 78th among all Russian banks; it hit the country’s Top 100 largest banks list in 2005, and as soon as in 2006 we were Russia’s 78th,’ he observed.

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