MOTIV to offer Virtual Private Network

MOTIV, the telecommunications group, is about to launch one of its newest services known as Private Virtual Network – a sort of intranet that will provide geographically extended companies with some reliable and safe communication, MOTIV’s press officer reports.

Virtual Private Network is based on the Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology that is most efficient in terms of traffic transfer compared with its existing counterparts. VPN can be flexible and multifunctional, as customers can choose among the many options of IP traffic transfer with differing service classes. The network provides for high-speed data exchange and can be used for videoconferencing and intranet telephone connection; apart from that, it supports all the IP-based systems. In case something goes wring, MOTIV’s technology will ensure backup connection within less than 50 milliseconds, which means the company’s customers can forget about broken-off phone conversations or failed message deliveries.

‘We are already able to offer MPLS-based Virtual Private Networks to companies located in Yekaterinburg. What we will supply them with is a system consisting of nine large junctions, united by some fiber-optic network fully reserved for this company only, which ensures great quality and speed of data transfer even in case of technological breakdowns. MOTIV will stick with flexible pricing policy and unique approach to each particular customer; in addition, we can conduct the network audit and come up with specifications for the data terminal equipment that will fit the company’s existing infrastructure. Yekaterinburg is full of large enterprises, businesses, and state organizations that are bound to be interested in IP VPN, since any successful person is fully aware of the importance of speedy data transfer in today’s business world,’ MOTIV’s press officer Elena Radchenko said to UrBC.

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