Ericsson builds 4G LTE for Motiv

September 16, 2014. The Swedish company Ericsson supplied and set up all the equipment necessary for the LTE infrastructure for MOTIV Group, a telecommunications provider. The company also offered the carrier a solution aimed at improving the use of frequency content, that is, frequency refarming, and at upgrading MOTIV's existing GSM network, the telecommunications provider's press service reports.

The GSM network could be refarmed within the 1,800 megahertz range, which will result in the more efficient use of the carrier's frequency resources and provide data transfer services based on LTE without any deterioration in the quality of voice services. The new-generation base stations allow for very speedy upgrades as well as for minimum expenses.

The solution Ericsson proposed to organize a packet switching node based on the Smart Service Router (SSR) platform makes it possible to ensure a network's high traffic capacity and meet the fast-growing demand for mobile broadband Internet access.

MOTIV Group (Yekaterinburg 2000) and Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) prepared the main sections of the LTE network to be launched in Sverdlovsk Region, Kurgan Region, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Region, and Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Region. The carrier assures its customers that in the future, LTE network coverage area will become fully identical to that of the existing GSM network.

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