Aston might have to pull down its building, Svetlana Korabel says

'If the regional division of the state board of experts does not approve of their construction project, Aston might be forced to pull down the building they have been putting up at 57 Radischev St. It all depends on whether the builder has actually got the construction permit,’ says Svetlana Korabel, Director of Jus Cogens Law Firm.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the state board of experts looked into the project and was planning to turn it down on February 20, 2008, since the experts found a number of problems in this project. In the meantime, the local council is not allowed to let any builder start working unless the experts approve of their project.

The building, however, is half-finished already, even though the people from the nearby houses complain about the facts that it is being put up in a place where the revolution memorial is situated, that a recreation area was destroyed to clear up the space, and that the building would deny any sunlight to dwellers of thirty apartments by blocking them completely.

'If Aston does not manage to get the experts’ approval, the construction will have to be stopped and the building will be pulled down,’ Ms Korabel notes.

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