Chelindbank issues its 300,000th VISA card

30 November 2006 (12:50)

The person to receive the special 300,000th VISA card issued by Chelindbank was Irina A. Morozova of Kopeisk, the employee of Servicecom Ltd. (the bank provides salary cash cards for the company).

According to the spokesperson for the bank, they have completed 1,490 salary card schemes for business and organizations of Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk Region so far. The bank’s ATM network comprises 107 ATMs as well as some cash desks based in all the subsidiaries and offices of the banks. Chelindbank is also trying to increase the number of non-cash transactions: the card holders can now pay for goods and services with their VISA card using one of 280 terminals located in 250 trade and service enterprises.

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