Return of duties to consolidated budget of Sverdlovsk Region amounts to 84,745,700 RUR in January-October 2007

Within the ten months of 2007, the return of duties to Sverdlovsk Region’s consolidated budget exceeded the corresponding figures for the previous year by 28%, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

In January-October 2007, the return of duties came to 84,75,700 RUR, whereas in 2006, the figure only amounted to 65,889,000 RUR. The spokesperson indicated a considerable rate of tax proceeds growth for a number of taxes, including the company income tax (an increase of 28.7% against the same figures for the previous year), the graduated personal tax (an increase of 32.8%), the lump-sum tax (an increase of 31.4%), the wealth tax (39.8%), extraction royalty tax (24.4%), and the state tax (31.9%).

Excise tax proceeds decreased by 72.3% and in debt service payments by 4.5%.

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