Sverdlovsk Region gets 67,095,400,000 RUR worth of tax revenues in January-August 2007

17 September 2007 (08:32)

The region’s statisticians report Sverdlovsk Region’s consolidated budget tax revenues amounted to 67,095,400,000 RUR in January-August 2007 compared to only 51,791,300,000 RUR a year earlier (which means these year’s figures exceed those for January-August 2007 by 29.5%), the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Economics and Labor reports.

The better part of these finances came from profit tax (27,117,200,000 RUR, which comes to 40.4% of all the tax revenues), individual income tax (25,433,400,000 RUR, or 37.9% of all the tax revenues), and property taxes (10,026,600,000 RUR, or 14.9% of all tax revenues).

The revenues coming from advance corporation tax, individual income tax, lump-sum tax, property taxes, environmental fees, and state duty grew considerably against January-August 2006 and rose by 30%, 32.9%, 32.9%, 42.5%, 26.8%, and 34.5%, respectively. The excise duty income went down by 70.7% compared to a year earlier; the income coming from paying off of debts dropped by 9.6% compared to January-August 2006.

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