Autoland can’t foresee outcomes of strike at Ford’s factory

22 November 2007 (09:24)

Autoland Company has so far been unable to comment on the possible outcomes of a strike at Ford’s factory in Leningrad Region, even though the cars made there are supplied to Yekaterinburg as well as number of other Russian cities.

According to Ford’s official website, the strike is expected to last at least until November 26, 2007.

'A strike could not possibly result in us meeting the workers’ demands, as the collective agreement we signed at the beginning of the year is valid through February 2008. As for the next agreement, the parties involved are supposed to start negotiating on the terms on November 26, 2007. We are prepared to negotiate, but not during or under a threat of a strike,’ the director of Ford’s Russian factory says.

'The claims the strikers make (including a 30% pay rise) are a bit too bold and need to be talked over slowly and thoroughly,’ he added.

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