Ural Turbine Plant presents new steam turbine projects to Byelorussians

25 October 2007 (11:53)

Some employees of Ural Turbine Plant participated in the 12th International EnergyExpo-2007 exhibition in Minsk on October 16-19, 2007. The plant presented its well-known steam turbine equipment as well as some new projects developed for combined-cycle plants, the spokesperson for the company said to UrBC.

'Gas-vapor technologies are considered to be the most efficient ones to date, and our plant, alongside with our Russian and foreign partners, is ready to offer our customers the most advanced equipment,’ says Ural Turbine Plant’s GD Vladimir Ermolaev.

This year, the plant is expected to deliver its first T 53 steam turbine, an 80-megawatt power generating unit made in Novosibirsk, a 170-megawaat steam turbine produced by Alstom, and an exhaust heat boiler made by SES Energy (a Slovak company) to Minsk power plant 3. This is going to be the plant’s 20th turbine installed in Byelorussia.

Ural Turbine Plant is part of RENOVA Group and one of Russia’s leading power engineering equipment producers. The company, based in 1938, makes steam cogeneration turbines as well as gas ones.

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