Moldavian wines can’t win back their share of market, Ural Spirits claims

11 October 2007 (11:38)

«We haven’t been offered to buy any Moldavian wines yet, and I don’t think it really matters that much, because these wines won’t ever be able to win back their share of the market anyways, «Ural Spirits» Purchasing Director Sergey Lapshin said to UrBC.

«Apart from having trouble with the chain stores, Moldavian wine makers have been faced with a whole range of other problems that make it impossible for them to regain their position. Firstly, it’s the issue of price. These wine makers used to enjoy great demand because their prices were very low, but now I’m positive Moldavian wines are going to be more expensive than their Russian and foreign counterparts. The only kind of wine that can at least somehow survive despite the fierce competition is something like Isabella», he added.

Mr. Lapshin feels the future of Moldavian cognacs is somewhat brighter, though.

«Moldavian cognacs didn’t use to be very cheap before, and they will be even more pricey now; yet they are likely to be popular with certain customers who just like this particular kind of cognac. The cognac market is known to have greater prices from the outset, so the actual price of a bottle does not affect the sales as much as the price of a bottle of wine», Mr. Lapshin observed.

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