Bogdanovich Porcelain Works GD involved in administrative lawsuits

11 October 2007 (11:42)

The law-enforcement authorities of Bogdanovich looked into the state of affairs at Bogdanovich Porcelain Works and found out that the company owes over 5 million RUR to 970 employees in the form of wage arrears. As a result of this inspection, the enterprise’s General Director Marina Martsenyuk will have to go through with an administrative lawsuit; she was charged with violation of the labor and labor protection law (Article 5.27 (part 1) of Russian Administrative Code).

It was also revealed that the plant’s management never reported any problems with the paying of wages to the statistical services, so Ms Martsenyuk was faced with another administrative lawsuit as she was accused of failing to comply with the regulations related to reporting statistical data (Article 13.19 of Russian Administrative Code).

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