Future Development Forum held in Yekaterinburg

The Future Development Forum proceedings were resumed in Yekaterinburg on September 26, 2007.

‘I’m pleased to see that our forum managed to grab the attention of experts from management companies, builders and developers, investment funds, banks, and many other people that contribute to the way Yekaterinburg looks today,’ Deputy Mayor Viktor Konteev declared in the course of the opening ceremony. The ceremony itself took place in Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel on September 25, 2007; the hotel also hosted a conference on selective-entry unit investment funds for businesses, real estate, protection and management of assets, and state-private partnership. The next day’s agenda included a conference referred to as Yekaterinburg of the Future: Trying to Reach Global Standards. New Concepts and Architectural Solutions and afternoon discussion sessions on the newest tools of financing developers’ projects and real estate management, as well as a number of workshops.

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