Governor of Chelyabinsk Region sets up committee on natural gas supply provision

18 September 2007 (12:54)

Following the decree of Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin, a committee on developing the schemes of supplying natural gas to the region in 2007-2030 was set up. The committee is chaired by First Deputy Governor Vladimir Dyatlov and consists of the Minister of Industry and Natural Resources Evgeniy Teftelev, the Minister of Economic Development Yuri Klepov, the Minister for Construction, Infrastructure, and Roads Valeriy Shopov, and experts from a number of gas-supplying enterprises.

As the demand for natural gas is on the increase and the region’s gas facilities need to be developed further, the committee has to draw up a scheme providing for the reliable supply of natural gas to the region in 2007-2030. The project will have been handed in to the Governor by December 1, 2007, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

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