We’ll go to court if we don’t get paid, Metalline says

4 September 2007 (09:54)

‘The slow-rate 1.5-storey-a-month construction of the third section of Antey Business Center that our customers are talking about has been caused by the irregularity and insufficiency of the monthly financing that was supposed to be supplied by these customers. In fact, they would often provide the money without trying to comply with the terms of our agreement. For our company, this Antey project is a thing of the past; we believe we have done our share of work, and any further comments are simply unnecessary,’ Metalline’s PR Manager Evgeniya Selischeva said to UrBC.

‘However, there still exists the issue of having to pay for the services we’ve rendered. If our customers refuse to do so, we are prepared to go to court in order to get the money,’ Ms Selischeva added.

According to Antey Business Center’s General Director Andrei Gavrilovskiy, their decision to stop doing business with Metalline was agreed upon by both parties involved. He says Antey thought it best to switch to a new contractor because the original developer was too slow.

‘Metalline used to put up two floors a month at the early stage of the construction, but then this rate dropped to 1.5 floors a month. The building is expected to be finished at the beginning of 2009, but in order for this to happen, we need to build up on the rate of construction and produce three floors monthly,’ Mr. Gavrilovskiy said. In his opinion, Metalline was unable to meet this requirement.

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