We don’t deal with Uralsib’s mortgages, Sedmoy Etazh Ltd says

3 September 2007 (08:28)

‘Our agency does not deal with any of Bank Uralsib’s mortgage schemes,’ Director of Sedmoy Etazh real estate agency Yuri Shamov said to UrBC. He said this bank’s mortgage offers just didn’t enjoy much demand as far as their customers were concerned.

‘We’ve never suggested that our customers use this bank’s offers; on the other hand, not a single customer has ever come up with queries about Uralsib’s mortgages. Anyways, our company is not even very well aware of what these mortgage offers are like,’ Mr. Shamov observed.

In the meanwhile, the number of Sverdlovsk Region-based banks that deal in mortgage lending keeps growing, and so does the variety of options. However, this has not resulted in greater numbers of given mortgages: this year, the amount of money offered to customers in the form of mortgage loans is quite comparable to last year’s one.

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