We don’t usually offer URALSIB’s mortgages to our clients, RTA Ltd says

29 August 2007 (11:54)

‘We don’t usually offer Bank URALSIB’s mortgage schemes to our customers because many of the terms are not very suitable for our agency. There are plenty of much more appealing mortgages available from some other banks,’ Tatiana Bersina of RTA Ltd said to UrBC.

Ms Bersina says a lot of their customers admit that URALSIB’s mortgage offers are far from being advantageous for them.

‘This bank’s mortgages have overwhelming interest rates and extremely great demands for the amount of money placed as the first installment. Besides, many of our customers come from places outside Yekaterinburg, whereas URALSIB does not provide any loans to such people,’ she added.

In the meanwhile, the number of Sverdlovsk Region-based banks that deal in mortgage lending keeps growing, and so does the variety of options. However, this has not resulted in greater numbers of given mortgages: this year, the amount of money offered to customers in the form of mortgage loans is quite comparable to last year’s one.

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