Krasnolesie car center claims negative publicity website emerged through either rivals or activists

‘We are aware of’s existence; the emergence of this website has not resulted from our activity on the whole or from actions taken by some of our employees. We do not know the names of people who might be interested in damaging our reputation. In fact, these could really be some activists that are fighting for allegedly truthful depiction of facts about all of Yekaterinburg-based car dealers online. On the other hand, this site could have been created by our rivals,’ Krasnolesie Car Center’s Executive Director Igor Surkov said to UrBC.

The website is regularly updated with some blackening news about Krasnolesie car center. The articles posted there are critical of the quality of the company’s service and predict its upcoming bankruptcy. In addition, they focus on alleged cases of treating the customers badly and alleged instances of unfair competition. The authors of the blog claim that it was actually created as a way of ‘publicly reacting to Krasnolesie’s unscrupulous business practices.’ Moreover, the materials featured there prove that the creation of this blog was brought about by an alleged negative publicity campaign targeted at Autoland Holding.

Both companies compete in terms of selling Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo cars.

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