Bank reduces interest rates on mortgages

3 August 2007 (14:33) made its mortgage loans even more affordable for its customers. The bank reduced the annual interest rate on mortgages down to 10.75% (if you borrow rubles for up to ten years and your first installment comes to over 50% of the price of the dwelling you’re buying), to 11.25% (if you borrow rubles for twenty to thirty years and your first installment comes to over 50%). What is more, the demands a potential mortgager has to meet have grown less strict, with the upper age limit extended from 60 to 75 years old. Then, your last employment may last for only three months and you only have to provide just one evidence of employment (a standard bank form filled in by your employer or a standard one from your local tax inspectorate) if your first installment comes to over 30% of the dwelling you are buying. offers mortgages that make it possible to buy a brand new apartment or cottage or use the existing homes market. You could have your chances assessed at the bank’s 24/7 Mortgage Lending Center at 29 Malyshev St. Alternatively, you could make an appointment over the phone to consult the experts individually and free of charge, the bank’s press officer reports.

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