Gazety v Roznitsu Ltd. reports Russkiy Newsweek sells worse after Russkiy Reporter’s second issue

‘The sales of Russkiy Newsweek were 20% higher on May 18, 2007 (the day Russkiy Reporter started to sell) than they are now. As soon as Russkiy Reporter’s second issue was available in stores, regional sales of Russkiy Newsweek dropped by 5%, and after the third issue was published and up to the present moment its sales have been below the level they had prior to Russkiy Reporter seeing the light,’ Margarita Ufimtseva of Gazety v Roznitsu Ltd. said to UrBC.

Russkiy Reporter’s first issue came out in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, and Samara on May 17, 2007, accompanied by large-scale marketing and advertising campaigns such as lining the windows of news stalls with copies of the magazine.

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