Ural Turbine Plant switches to computer-aided engineering

Ural Turbine Plant (part of RENOVA Group) keeps trying to switch to computer-aided engineering. Their experts report that using a new computer-aided design system is estimated to double the productivity of the company’s designers, which means the production output will also double in 2008.

‘The new system was first introduced in the steam turbine design office and proved to allow a company to reduce the prime cost of its produce, since, for example, computer-aided design of turbine casing makes it possible to reduce the weight of the thing, minimize the possible casting defects, and reduce the first launch wait time. We are almost fully done implementing the system,’ Ural Turbine Plant’s Deputy GD for Engineering Reform Felix Shamrai said to UrBC.

The company announced it was going to switch to Pro/ENGINEER- and PLM-WindChill-based systems at the end of 2006. This spring, the company’s engineers underwent special training, with 60 employees completing the course so far. Having assessed the preliminary results, Ural Turbine Plant’s Scientific and Technical Committee suggested speeding up the fulfillment of the project.

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