Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial production index comes to 108% in January-June 2007

27 July 2007 (11:16)

Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial production index in the first half of 2007 exceeded that for January-June 2006 by 8%, regional statisticians report.

The volume of goods, jobs, and services related to mining industry in January-June 2007 rose by 1.4 times in current prices compared with a year earlier; that of goods produced by manufacturing industries went up by 1.3 times, that of goods and services related to production and distribution of electricity, gas, and water increased by 1.2 times.

The production volume of PVC elastron went up by 69.2%, that of windowpanes by 65.1%, that of linoleum by 46.8%, that of veneer and plywood by 37%, that of woolen fabric by 26.8%, that of beer by 23.7%, that of soft drinks by 22.1%, and that of vitamins by 21%.

The production of fiberglass and fiberglass-based products decreased by 60.9%, that of antibiotics by 44.4%, and that of knitted wear by 24.6%.

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