makes opening account online easier

‘ made opening a bank account online (a service unique to both Yekaterinburg and the entire country) much easier for legal entities. These are now able to submit their applications through the bank’s corporate website,’ the company’s press release states.

In order to set up an account, one only needs to fill in an electronic application form with a few standard questions (the name of one’s company, the proprietor’s/CEO’s personal data, etc.). The form is available at Then, the bank will process the application and the customer will get all the papers needed to open an account will all the fields filled in in the mail. One only needs to sign these papers and send them back to the bank, enclosing a standard set of documents pertaining to one’s business, the bank’s press officer reports.

‘The service itself is quite alluring for rapidly developing businesses with a lot of contractors in different cities. Having accounts in one bank that operates 24/7 into the bargain is going to make their interaction much less painful. We are already getting applications from companies based in Russia’s largest cities. Even though these cities can boast an enormous number of banks, people still choose the one that operates round the clock,’’s Marketing Director Irina Buyanova says.

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