Local governments inspected for compliance with land laws

12 July 2007 (09:00)

The public prosecution authorities of Sverdlovsk Region are now looking into how successfully the local governments and state bodies have been complying with the land laws. These inquires will include checking for adherence to the rules when deciding on whether the land should belong to the state, to the Russian Federation subjects, or to municipalities and when using state-owned land allotments. The investigation is to involve Sverdlovsk Region government authorities, local governments, regional divisions of Rosnedvizhimost, Rosimuschestvo, Rosprirodnadzor, Rosselkhoznadzor, and Rosstroy (the state property, environment, agriculture, and construction watchdogs) as well as fiscal bodies, sanitary-and-epidemiologic institutions, and any ministerial departments that are in one way or another related to issues of land law.

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