New customs law on precious stones and metals can damage regional jewelers

9 July 2007 (09:32)

Ural Customs Administration Customs Policies Committee met to discuss the ways the regional customs officers interact with people dealing in foreign economic activity in the course of customs check and clearance. The meeting was attended by Sergey Pasynkov, the head of Malachite (a special Yekaterinburg-based customs post).

The need for a discussion came about due to the fact that the federal law 489 adopted on April 19, 2007 regarding the authority the customs officers have over handling precious stones and precious metals comes into effect on August 24, 2007. The law states that the powers Malachite used to have in terms of handling jewelry imported from abroad will now be vested with Moscow-based Central Customs.

The regional jewelers are inclined to think that having to process all the customs documents in Moscow has a number of disadvantages such as the risk of losing one’s time, partners, and contracts: not all local companies, after all, can afford to set up offices in Moscow.

The meeting attendants said the new customs law could damage Sverdlovsk Region jewelers and thought it best to send a letter of complaint to the regional government.

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